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Splitpay is an innovative partial payment solution

websites, seo, fintech
websites, seo, fintech
Joakim Skansen Flatmoen


At Innovena, we have designed and planned the platform for Splitpay, an innovative solution for installment payments. Our creative approach has been central in shaping an intuitive and user-friendly service for consumers seeking financial flexibility.

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nettsider, nettbutikk, web app
nettsider, nettbutikk, web app
nettsider, nettbutikk, web app

Innovena and Splitpay

Our role in designing and planning Splitpay has been crucial in creating a new way of thinking about installment payments. Innovena combines innovative design with practical functionality, setting a new standard in financial technology.

nettsider, nettbutikk, web app

Sculptors of Splitpay's User Experience

By designing and planning Splitpay, Innovena has helped shape a user-friendly and innovative platform. Our work highlights how good design can transform the user experience in the financial sector.

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