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How long does it take to design and develop a website?

Joakim Skansen Flatmoen



One of the most common questions we receive from potential clients is - how long will my project take? What they usually hear from us is - well, it depends. Most of the time, we will need more details about the project or a specific briefing to estimate the necessary time.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when planning your project. So, from the initial stages of discovery and planning to a complete website ready to go live - how long does it really take?

It's not that simple

The duration of website projects varies. Here at Innovena, we know that no two projects are alike, which is why we approach each project with a tailored approach and a detailed plan customized to the specifications.

We can say that an average web design and development project, following our process and with timely feedback from the client, will last from a minimum of 4 weeks to 14-16 weeks, depending on the requirements.

So, what does it depend on?

There are some factors that will determine how long your website project will take. Fewer pages and minimal functionality will always take less time to develop than a larger website with heavy animation or complex integrations. Or perhaps you want us to work on refreshing your brand first and perform extensive SEO research?

Most of the points that will impact the project's duration are:

The Process

At this point, you might be wondering why 12 weeks and what actually happens during that time. If you want to know more about our process, you can read about each step in more detail here.


With hundreds of websites of experience within our team, we have found that 12-14 weeks is usually the minimum time you need to prepare for the launch and exactly the time we need to deliver the website of your dreams.

In a hurry? Don't worry, there are ways we can handle that too. No mountain is too high!