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The internet: an overrated arena for making money?

Joakim Skansen Flatmoen


Why on earth would anyone want to invest time and resources into building a digital presence when they can just shout out of an office window or wave a sign on the street? Let's delve into the peculiar world of making money without using the internet and see if it might actually be the true path to wealth.

Shouting out of the Office Window: The Unattainable Dream

Why bother reaching a global audience when you can limit your income potential to people who happen to pass by your office? Shouting out of the office window is a timeless method that requires nothing more than a strong voice and the ability to overcome the sound of the wind. Who needs potential customers from around the world when you can have your neighbors as your exclusive audience?

Poster Waving: An Art Form of the Future

If you truly want to be seen and heard, why not take a large poster and wave it on a busy street? Who needs digital advertising when you can convey your business messages through creative hand gestures and colorful posters? Forget SEO, Google Ads, and social media - poster waving is the new wave of marketing that truly makes people look up from their phones.

The Silent Street Assistants: Natural Human Insight

The internet is full of algorithms, data analysis, and machine learning trying to understand customer preferences. But why rely on computers when you can trust your own intuition? Standing on the street and waving a poster allows you to directly observe facial expressions, body language, and immediate reactions from potential customers. This gives you the invaluable human insight that computers can never replace.

Costs: Internet vs. Poster Waving

Of course, there's no such thing as a free lunch, even when it comes to poster waving. While the internet may require payment for advertising and SEO, poster waving incurs costs for posters, physical resources, and potential weight gain from excessive arm movement. But who's counting expenses when you have the chance to make people believe you're a street artist with an extraordinary affection for posters?

Closing Thoughts: When Reality Collides with Fantasy

So, before you dive into the complex world of the internet with potential customers, global reach, and targeted marketing, remember this: shouting out of the office window or waving a poster may seem like a ridiculous notion, but perhaps it's precisely the ridiculousness that will make you stand out. So go out there and shout, wave, and launch posters with pride, because you never know when your innovative approach to marketing might become the next big sensation!