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Cardly is the first Norwegian platform that allows you to sell unused gift cards while also purchasing discounted value cards.

appdesign, design, ux, seo
appdesign, design, ux, seo
Joakim Skansen Flatmoen


Innovena is proud to have contributed to the development of Cardly, Norway's first platform for trading value cards and vouchers. Our efforts in designing both the user interface and system architecture have been central to realizing Cardly's vision of a smarter, safer, and more efficient management of value cards.

  • UX
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Cunsultation
nettsider, nettbutikk, web app
nettsider, nettbutikk, web app
nettsider, nettbutikk, web app

A large market to fill

6.1 B

Gift card turnover


Millions in unused values

17 %

Expected annual growth

Redefining the gift card experience

Innovena has proudly provided technology and design for Cardly, a groundbreaking platform that transforms the way people think about and use gift cards. Cardly's unique platform ensures that no value cards or vouchers go to waste, giving users complete control and oversight.

Buy, Sell, Save – Everything in One Place

Cardly's dynamic platform, developed by Innovena, offers users the opportunity to buy discounted value cards and sell unused gift cards, creating a unique opportunity to maximize value and economic efficiency. Our efforts in backend development and security integration ensure a seamless and safe user experience.

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