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Why Choose Sanity: Your ultimate guide to performance, SEO, and development flexibility

Sanity website
Sanity website
Joakim Skansen Flatmoen


Explore examples of major companies that have chosen Sanity and discover the collaboration with Shopify for headless e-commerce.


In today's digital landscape, the choice of technologies is crucial for successful web development.

In this article, we delve deep into why Sanity, alongside Next.js and Vercel, forms the ultimate combo for websites with top performance, search engine optimization, and flexibility. From scalability to headless e-commerce, we explore how Sanity has become the preferred platform for both small and large companies.

Sanity, Next.js, and Vercel: The Perfect Combination:

Sanity is a powerful headless CMS that gives developers complete freedom to create custom content structures. When combined with Next.js, an advanced React framework, and Vercel, a cloud platform for rapid deployment, incredible performance and a seamless development experience are achieved.

This dynamic trio's ability to handle large amounts of data and deliver lightning-fast websites with a 100/100 SEO score is remarkable.

Flexibility to Develop What You Want:

Sanity grants developers creative freedom to build exactly what they desire. With the ability to define content schemas precisely as they wish, websites can be perfectly tailored to the clients' needs. This enables the creation of unique and engaging user experiences that stand out from the crowd.

Scalability for Small and Large Companies:

Sanity is not limited to a specific company size. Major companies like Nike, National Geographic, and Conde Nast have chosen Sanity for its flexibility and scalability. This demonstrates that the platform handles everything from small projects to large, complex web solutions.

Headless E-commerce:

Sanity and Shopify Together: For those looking to build a headless e-commerce platform, the collaboration between Sanity and Shopify is an exciting opportunity.

The robust content management system of Sanity and the e-commerce features of Shopify can be combined to create a seamless and scalable e-commerce experience. This provides a unique opportunity to customize the online store precisely to the brand's needs.


Choosing Sanity, alongside Next.js and Vercel, is a decision that not only ensures top performance and search engine optimization but also a development process that offers the freedom to create anything.

The scalability suitable for both small and large companies, along with the collaboration with Shopify for headless e-commerce, makes Sanity the ultimate platform for modern web development. Choose Sanity today to achieve a website solution that truly stands out from the crowd.