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Do-It-Yourself Websites: Skip the professional help and dive into the digital universe yourself!

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Website, Websites
Joakim Skansen Flatmoen


Why pay for expertise when you can master the artistic and technical landscape yourself? Let's take a satirical look at why you absolutely should consider skipping professional help and instead dive into the digital universe on your own.

Copy and Paste for Success

What could be more rewarding than spending hours cutting out images and texts from various sources, only to paste them onto your own website? Combine styles, fonts, and sizes in a creative way, and let users be amazed by the diversity of your design. Remember, consistency is for amateurs!

Technical Ignorance is Overrated

Who cares about code when you have the magical "copy and paste" function? You can easily create a functional website by copying HTML codes from other sites and crafting your own unique masterpiece. Understanding the complexities of the coding world? That's just overrated!

Pixel Perfect? Who Needs It?

Professional designers talk a lot about "pixel perfect" design, but it's just a fancy way of saying that things should look good. Why strive for perfection when you can embrace the charming unevenness of your own website saga? Let the pixels fall where they may and give users a visual experience they'll never forget.

Get Your Priorities Right

When building your own website, feel free to ignore minor details like user experience and responsive design. Who cares if visitors can't find your contact information or if your site doesn't work on mobile devices? The most important thing is that you had fun along the way!

Experience the Magic of Self-Hosted Servers

Forget cloud-based hosting that provides stability and availability. Why not set up your own server in the basement and witness the magic unfold? Experience the thrill when the server goes down in the middle of an important presentation, or when lightning strikes and takes down the entire website. This is authentic digital adventure!

Closing Thoughts: Professional Help is Overrated After All

In a world where experts and professional help are becoming increasingly accessible, it may be tempting to choose the easy route. Do it yourself and enjoy the feeling of creative freedom and technical triumph. Who cares about the end result, anyway? It's the journey that matters, right?